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geow34@sbcglobal.net / George Wilkins (Friend/Admirer)
I got to know Loulie thru listening to her when I was a group singer and arranger in New York. She was theeeeee lead sound of the "west coast". The sound I wanted to know and become part of. When I ended up in LA in "64" I got to know her thru Jimmy Bryant, another one of her fans. ( and best friend ) I was lucky enough to work with her on several occaisions and hang out with her at parties. ( Usually a Bryant birthday party ) She was at my house for Christmas about 15 years ago when my mother was here on a visit. Mom didn't have a great opinion of LA until she ended up talking to Loulie for the evening and just being blown away by her.( God Bless you Loulie ) I'm very saddened by her passing as it is the end of an era, and I'll never see her again. I'm so glad she was surrounded by her loving family at the end. If there is ever a memorial for her, I want to be there.
Touched by an angel  / Cynthia Brundage (admirer)  Read >>
Touched by an angel  / Cynthia Brundage (admirer)

I felt touched by an angel when I heard Loulie sing!

Because of my years as a Star Trek fan, a friend obtained a copy of Loulie's cd from her this past year and sent it to me for Christmas. I was just totally blown away when I listened to it...the purity of her voice...it's bell-like clarity...it was like hearing an angel singing. Well, now she will be! And Heaven's choir has been richly blessed with her addition! I sent her a "fan" letter just a few months ago and told her how moved I was by her music. I even searched the internet to find out more about her. How I would have loved to have known her!

Please accept my heartfelt condolences at her passing. I will not think of her as a light that has gone out. Instead, I will see her light magnified in every ray of sunshine. What a gift she had...and was!

Cynthia G. Brundage

My other mother  / Judie Price (daughter-in-law)  Read >>
My other mother  / Judie Price (daughter-in-law)

Twenty seven years ago, I met this extraordinary woman, the mother uf the man I fell in love with at first sight.  Norman, Jr. and I were married five weeks after we met, and we're still going strong.  His beautiful, magnificent mother reared a strong, loving, giving man.  She treated me as if I were her own child from the day we met.  She taught me to live life to its fullest and to love God and everyone else, even when it's difficult.  She said not to waste time worrying, but just to see how things "unfold."  I am trying, Mom.

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