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Charitable donations  / The Price Family
The family would appreciate donations to the Society of Singers, Inc., 6500 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 640, Los Angeles, CA, 90048, or the Roze Room Hospice of the Valley, 4717 Van Nuys Blvd., 3rd Floor, Sherman Oaks, CA, 91403. 
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Секс в картинках!  / Katherine Custer
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Such a memorable voice  / Joseph Luciano (A Fan )  Read >>
Such a memorable voice  / Joseph Luciano (A Fan )
I have just learned that the amazing voice at the end of the Star Trek series - for its first two seasons - was Loulie Jean! I grew up watching that series and loved, loved, loved the closing theme. Her abilities will live on in memory and whenever Star Trek is shown on television! Close
Twelve Days of Christmas  / Mark Dettman   Read >>
Twelve Days of Christmas  / Mark Dettman
I believe that is Loulie Jean's voice soaring above all other voices on Twelve Days of Christmas by The Ray Coniff Singers. Can someone who knows for sure tell me if this is correct? Close
Rare World Class Equals  / Charles Savoie   Read >>
Rare World Class Equals  / Charles Savoie
Watching re-runs of some of the first Star Trek episodes provides a chance to hear in the theme music a female voice which impresses as faultless, perfect, and overwhelming.  I wondered, whose voice is that?  Whose voice stands singularly as equal to Susanna Rigacci ("The Ecstasy of Gold")?  This morning I found the answer---Loulie Jean Norman.  A well known singer perhaps known to visitors of this site passed on early in 2012.  Highly talented, she was not a match to these two songbirds. Close
hello / Loulie Jean Hunsecker (uncle friend )  Read >>
hello / Loulie Jean Hunsecker (uncle friend )
i am very sorry about loulie jean your mom i was named after her by uncle ralph blane i just found about her since i just found out about hugh martin my uncle ralph died in 1995 and his son died in2003 so i do not hear a lot of stuff i am so sorry she was so talented and had a beautiful voice i have talk to her on my uncles phone before she was so nice to me i lost my mon at cancer at 40 in1961 it is hard to lose a mom or dad my uncle and my dad were brothers i hope you all are ok Close
The Voice Of A Goddess  / Jim Beeler (fan)  Read >>
The Voice Of A Goddess  / Jim Beeler (fan)
I’ve been a fan of the original Star Trek series since watching the first episode in its original airing in September 1966 as a nine-year-old. One of the many things I’ve liked about the show down through the years is great stories great characters characters good science an underling tone of to do the right thing and also the highly-emotional music and in particular the heretofore -unknown--to me soprano who has the voice of a siren; I can see where the legends come from of such a voice luring men to follow to the source at any cost such as in Homer’s The Odyssey. And I am talking about more than just the humming of the Star Trek theme song during some of the seasons I am also and more so talking about backing music within the episodes such as the Menagerie the Cage This Side Of Paradise The City On The Edge Of Forever... Sometimes this soprano voice was the highlight of the entire episode greatly-enhancing the highly emotion apex of the episode. I’ve always wondered who the person was that sang so divinely in these episodes. It was only recently that I and my brother did an internet search and discovered it was a lovely lady named LOULIE JEAN NORMAN PRICE; how lucky her husband must have been. Rest in peace. Your voice will live on in me as long as I live and through countless generations. Close
So sad  / Yvonne Shaw (fan)  Read >>
So sad  / Yvonne Shaw (fan)

Loulie Jean died on the same day as my beloved tom-cat Sydney. I still remember that day. It was so hot and dry. The pain is still there. May they both rest in peace.

A difficult holiday season on this terrestrial ball...  / Judie And Norman Price (daughter-in-law,son. grandsons )  Read >>
A difficult holiday season on this terrestrial ball...  / Judie And Norman Price (daughter-in-law,son. grandsons )
Christmas was the high point of the holidays at the Pink House and we barely felt like celebrating without you.  We recognized our spiritual beliefs regarding the time, but without your beautiful  face, voice, a glass of champagne and brunch, it wasn't the way we love it most.  Knowing you are with all those who went before you, we are sure you had the best ever Christmas. We miss you and love you every day.
Love, Norman, Jr., Judie, Ryan and Patrick

Dean Martin Fan Center Magazine - October Issue pp.6-7  / "Remembering Loulie Jean Norman " (article in her memory )  Read >>
Dean Martin Fan Center Magazine - October Issue pp.6-7  / "Remembering Loulie Jean Norman " (article in her memory )
The Dean Martin Fan Center magazine paid tribute to Loulie in a wonderful two-page spread in their October issue.  The article featured clip shots (thanks to Lee Hale) from "The Dean Martin Show," as well as other wonderful photos.  Kate Kahn, the original showcase dancer and actress from Dean's show, wrote a lovely tribute to Loulie.  Van Alexander, a composer/arranger from the show, wrote about Loulie's "vast army of admirers," of which he said he was a charter member.  Bea Wain, a former member of "The Kay Thompso Rhythm Singers" with Loulie, wrote  of their escapades in the late 1930s and wrote "when you sang, it was the angels."

The fan web site is: http://www.DeanMartinFanCenter.com
Click here: The Dean Martin Fan Center Website Close
My Friend, Loulie  / Jimmy Bryant (Friend for 50 years )  Read >>
My Friend, Loulie  / Jimmy Bryant (Friend for 50 years )
Loulie Jean Norman – a name I first heard in New York City in 1953 when Bing Crosby gave her credit for an obbligato she had just sung behind one of his vocals on his radio show. She sang lead (and obbligatos) with Jud Conlon’s Rythmaires on this weekly show. I later went through my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, on my way to Hollywood, where I intended to try my hand as a group singer. I mentioned her name to my Uncle, and was shocked when he said, “I went to Phillips High School with a beautiful girl named Loulie Jean Norman who was a wonderful singer.” I spoke to some other people who had known her there, and they told me to be sure to call her when I got to Hollywood. As soon as I got settled here and could afford a phone, I did call her, after a lot of hesitation, fully expecting to be greeted with a cool reception as a “Hick From The Sticks”! Well, of course, the reception I got was 180 degrees from that – I told her who I was, where I was from, and she said, with a big smile in her voice, “Well, Lawd, Honey, what are you doin’ out heah?” I told her that I was going to try to get work as a background singer. She said, “Well, listen heah – I’m workin’ at Capitol Records next Tuesday mornin’. You meet me across the street at a place called the Ontra Cafeteria and I’ll buy you lunch and give you some names of people to see.” After lunch, she pulled an envelope out of her purse and wrote down the names and telephone numbers of Randy Van Horne, Jud Conlon, Ken Darby, Bobby Tucker, Norm Luboff and Jeff Alexander. You tell them that I told you to call.” (I still have that envelope in my scrapbook!) I did call them, and they all said, “Well, come on over – if Loulie sent you, I know you’re good!” Well, needless to say, I fell madly in love with her and have remained so for over 50 years! She was my friend, my Mentor, and, after Norman died, I became her frequent “date” when she needed an escort. I was always thrilled to be with her, no matter what the circumstances. About three weeks before her death, I decided that I had to sit down with her and try to express to her what she had really meant in my life; I knew it would be hard to put into words, and to actually say. I went by her house, went into her bedroom, where she was resting on her bed. I sat down, put my hand on hers, and started my speech. I got about two sentences out when I lost it completely and started blubbering. As I would have expected, she gave me her angelic smile, put her free hand on mine and said, “It’s o.k., honey – I understand.” And I knew that she did. She was a true original, as a singer, a musician, and most of all a wonderful, kind, loving person to everyone she knew, with a heart absolutely full of love for everyone. And, as we all know, everyone loved and admired Loulie!! There’ll never be another like her – and aren’t we glad we had the chance to know her? Close
Hey, Sugar!  / Karen Schwartz (friend & G6 daughter )  Read >>
Hey, Sugar!  / Karen Schwartz (friend & G6 daughter )
Loulie told my mom, before she even knew, that she was pregnant with me. Thirty years later she spoke the same prophesy to me about my firstborn. We've known each other all of my life, and she was always so sweet to me. Singing live and on sessions together was a bonus. The last eight years, however, hold the most memories for me. During a difficult time in my life, she was there with a listening ear, sound advice, encouragement, love, and the gift of a great sense of humor. When I join Loulie in heaven, we'll resume the sport of sharing a tidley together. Close
as seen in the LA Times Aug. 14  /   Read >>
as seen in the LA Times Aug. 14  /
 Price, Loulie Jean Norman
Passed on Aug. 2, 2005, in her home, surrounded by her loving, extended family. She was born on March 12, 1913, in Birmingham, AL, the daughter of Edward and Rebecca Norman. Predeceased by husband Norman Henry Price and mother of Patricia, Priscilla, Norman, Jr. and Pamela (deceased). Considered the most flawless studio soprano for fifty years in the entertainment industry and a voice heard around the world, for the wordless "Star Trek" TV theme and "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." She sang with such greats as Frank Sinatra, Henry Mancini, Ray Charles, Dean Martin, and Bing Crosby. The family would appreciate donations to the Society of Singers, Inc., 6500 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 640, Los Angeles, CA, 90048 or the Roze Room Hospice of the Valley, 4717 Van Nuys Blvd., 3rd Flr., Sherman Oaks, CA, 91403. Memorial services will be held at 11 AM on Sat., Aug. 27, at the First Christian Church, Studio City (Colfax and Moorpark).
Published in the Los Angeles Times on 8/14/2005.
Loulie... an amazing woman  / Deborah Chertow (friend/extended family )  Read >>
Loulie... an amazing woman  / Deborah Chertow (friend/extended family )
I could say soooo much about Loulie in the short time I have known and felt a part of her life and her precious family, because she was such an amazing person.  We were brought together because of the loss of my soulmate brother Craig Cole, who was Loulie's son Norman's lifelong best friend, and my brother was also godfather to Loulie's beautiful grandaughter, (Daughter of Loulie's loving daughter Pamela and Richey) Rachel Hayward, and Norman and Judie's handsome son's Patrick and Ryan.  I first met Loulie at my brother's memorial, and I am sure I must have met her as a child.  But the moment I met her there, I felt connected to her.... what a soul she had...  She was a lovely, beautiful, spirited, classy, and and especially kind person.  I knew when we talked at Craig's memorial that Loulie had loved my brother. She warmed my heart with her kind and loving words.  She had had sooooo much love for life and family, friends.... just a passionate person!  Loulie invited us into her family and the times we spent together were really fun and warming, almost healing after the loss of Craig.  I loved the way Loulie was always dressed to the hilt, always put together, and that smile of hers was so generous.  I just loved her voice when she talked...she had so much style.  My family and I knew right away the beauty within this woman.  My mother Elaine tells me soooo many wonderful stories about Loulie and so had my brother Craig.  About her beautiful singing voice and all the cool things she did in her life.  I know my brother and Pamela are hanging with Loulie now, Craig on his sax and Pamela dancing while Loulie sings. Loulie said so many wonderful things about my daughters, Madison and Courtney, my husband Jeff, Craig and my mom Elaine... she was so kind.  I could keep going on about Loulie and what she personally meant to me in the short time that my family and I were connected back with her because she was so unique.  All I know is that Loulie just loved life, people and  she loved her family, soooooo very much!!   She just loved..... A special woman that Loulie and we will all miss her tremendously.  She was and is a special woman, a graceful and beautiful human being, that this planet is fortunate to have had her walk her walk on.  I love you Loulie Jean Norman Price, We love you ... and your family and all of us will miss you tremendously, but we will carry you with us in our hearts and memories forever!!  "Beautiful Lady"...as my brother Craig used to call you.  Love and kisses, Deborah Chertow (Cole), and all my family xooxoxoxoxoxoxoo  Sing on..... xo Close
Grand Lady of singers  / Tom Bahler (Fellow Singer )  Read >>
Grand Lady of singers  / Tom Bahler (Fellow Singer )
Loulie, in my opinion, was the bellweather of studio singers. She was the top, literally, in all aspects of her life and career. As a singer, as a lady, as a wife and mother,  as a comrade, as a woman of great wisdom. Loulie was so kind to me when I entered the industry, gave the best advice, when I asked it of her, was a bright, beautiful and luminous presence in every session in which I had the priviledge of singing with her. She is a beacon for all of us that, thanks to her recordings, will live on as vividly as my fond memories of her. God bless you Loulie and thank you for all you gave us,
Remembering Loulie  / John Bähler (Fellow Singer )  Read >>
Remembering Loulie  / John Bähler (Fellow Singer )
What a voice, what a talent, what a lady! I was fortunate enough to have performed on numerous sessions with this amazing talent but the most memorable to me was on a session in which her particular sound didn't really fit what we were doing. As I recall, as the first tune started, I asked Loulie if she wouldn't be more comfortable standing closer to the microphone and she whispered in my ear "That's OK I'll just suck along quietly". That was Loulie! From that day forward all of the studio singers in Los Angeles that I knew used that phrase, or just shortened it to S.A.Q. Thank you Loulie for all of the wonderful memories, laughs, songs, friendship and smiles. We remember you with love and admiration. God Bless you. Close
Funeral Blues - W.H. Auden - revised  / Rachell - family (loved one )  Read >>
Funeral Blues - W.H. Auden - revised  / Rachell - family (loved one )
Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone. Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone. Silence the pianos and with muffled drum, Bring out the coffin... let the mourners come. Let aeroplanes circle, moaning overhead, Scribbling on the sky the message: She is Dead. Put crepe bows 'round the necks of public doves, Let traffic policemen wear black, cotton gloves. She was my North, my South, my East, my West. My working week and my Sunday rest. My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song, I thought love would last forever: I was wrong. The stars are not wanted now, put out every one. Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun. Pour out the ocean and sweep up the wood, For nothing now can ever come to any good." Close
Life is Eternal  / Loved One Of Loulie (family)  Read >>
Life is Eternal  / Loved One Of Loulie (family)
If wishing makes it so
won't you let me know
that life is eternal
and love is immortal
and death is only a horizon
Life is eternal
as we move into the light
and a horizon is nothing
save the limit of our sight

-- from the song, Life is Eternal

by Carly Simon and Teesa Gohl
Dear Loulie Jean  / Linda November (great admirer & Fellow Group Singer )  Read >>
Dear Loulie Jean  / Linda November (great admirer & Fellow Group Singer )
Loulie was one of the greatest. I'm so sorry we never met. Rest In Peace, Wonderful Artist. Linda November. Close
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