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DoraLap DoraLapJS lit a candle on 04/12/2017: "hi!"
DannyRzbub DannyRzbubUA lit a candle on 03/18/2017: "Hello. And Bye."
AliceJah AliceJahXY lit a candle on 03/14/2017: "Hi! My name is Alice, to me 18 and I very love hot dirty sex! Go to my site:"
Evgeniya2018 Evgeniya2018EV lit a candle on 03/07/2017: "Hello. And Bye."
Jeffreybrice JeffreybriceZF lit a candle on 02/26/2017: "Nie wiesz Co brac szampon do wlosow? Ja tez!"
DennisNog DennisNogAJ lit a candle on 02/22/2017: "Zhheherhrh eg egemtr hrggwe wes egemtrghdfbsgd rwtwrqw"
Williamannope WilliamannopeEE lit a candle on 02/08/2017: "Hello. I need to contact admin. Thank you."
Peterriz PeterrizMQ lit a candle on 02/08/2017: "Hello. And Bye."
ThomasDyell ThomasDyellRH lit a candle on 01/24/2017: "Кто подскажет увлекательную игру, чтоб понравилась навсегда и не устать от неё?"
Lzezxctboedb CwzxzhfqeqcpHY lit a candle on 01/21/2017: "xrumer"
Ixdwvdegsvs DxyzzcogvfiBS lit a candle on 01/21/2017: "21 day fix review"
XRumerTest XRumerTest lit a candle on 01/19/2017: "Hello. And Bye."
KnStars KnStarsBD lit a candle on 01/14/2017: "Hello. And Bye."
TyroneSow TyroneSowTX lit a candle on 01/11/2017: "origami flower anniversary origami box that blows up origami 7 pointed ninja star"
Bernard Pelletier lit a candle on 07/08/2014: "I heard of her only recently when I found out she was the one who did the great vocal for the great Star Trek theme."
John Hoffner lit a candle on 11/15/2009: "Ms. Norman is the finest soprano I have ever heard. I am glad to know that she is being remembered in this way."
Karen Schwartz lit a candle on 03/13/2009: "Mom and I raised our Black Mountain wineglasses to you last Thursday, March 12, on your birthday. Miss you, Sugar."
David Reilly lit a candle on 03/15/2008: "her voice, her presence, 1st as norman's mom, then as little feat's matriarch, unforgettable, thanks, peace."
Rachell Hayward lit a candle on 12/05/2007: "Dear Grandma, Every day I wake-up with a heartache missing you. I love you forever. Love, - Rach"
Claudio Picollo lit a candle on 08/28/2007: "I've listened to Loulie's and Jackie Allen's voices singing many times together. Voices like theirs will never die."
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